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Buffalo administers the northern region, land of ice and snow, spruce and birch, and GOLD!

I maintain public farms with a variety of crops and trees to harvest and replant. This is

located about 500 meters east of Brickhaus, which is in the center of Central. My main build is

where I initially settled, east and south of the public farms. South of it are my Mini Biomes,

small adventuring areas geared to several early biomes. South of that are a few floating



Buffallo, or Buffalo, is the avatar of a retired scientist. She currently lives in Montana where

she minecrafts, quilts, plays sudoku, geocaches, volunteers at a thrift store, and enjoys gluten

free baking. Other jobs have been in sales, industrial sewing for sailboats, and as a psychic.


  • The username "Buffalo" was already taken, so Buff added an extra "l" to keep it similar to her IRC name.
  • Has been active on the server since the end of October of the year it went multiplayer (2010).


  • Buffalo
  • Buffaluff
  • Buff
  • Lou (like "lo")
  • Luffabo



  • Primarily acts as support for creative design and player assistance
  • Generally refers to other Admins for command block stuff
  • Writes lots of books for server lore!