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Natural Formations

Admin Creations


Buffalo began building in October of 2010 by hollowing out a hill.

In time the arch of the hill became the glass and stone arch of a great hall, which in time became a rail station. As happens in rl, the rails moved elsewhere and the great hall is quiet. Behind it, beside it, under it are a maze of buildings and rooms and tunnels.

After a thousand hours of play or more she became an admin on the server. Now all of her builds invite guests to use the beds, help themselves to any chest contents not behind bedrock, and eat the cake from the tables. Many chests are empty, others contain treasure restocked from time to time.

Explore! Have you seen the floating art museum? The giant trees with tree houses? Japan town and Wild West? The mini biomes enclosed by golden arches of glowstone and with floating islands beyond? The wall composed of npc houses? The living quarters under the tree farm and the hidden farm under that? The archery range?

Bison Station, on the Green Line, provides direct access to this Home on the Range.


Draccy's Mansion

Garr's House

Looming over Brickhaus and the surrounding area of Central City is a house carved into stone, more recently adorned with a stained glass rainbow room on the highest floor of the building. Garr claimed a structure in 2011 which first was intended as a Pre-built Home

Regina's Playground



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Warp Zone

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Player Creations

Grey Stone's Place

This is located in the Southern area of the Central region, near the border of Lavaland. Grey Stone wanted to replicate a Tower he built while in single player as well as a Mountain that was created by using a vast amount of TNT in the same single player game. With a piece of land picked out, and no TNT easily available, Grey Stone started what was referred to as "The Big Dig". His builds are centered around this area and continue to grow.

The Overgrowth

The overgrowth was meant as a sort of public park space where many monsters would spawn due to the heavy canopy of oak trees. It was created in 2011-2012, but was eventually abandoned and converted into a ruin by server staff. Nearby, a "Wizard's Tower" can also be found.

Prebuilt Homes

In 2010, when the server first launched, Draccy built a few unique player homes around the Brickhaus area (now Central City). These were free to claim by players, and most have been occupied by more than one player over the course of the server's history. To date, no prebuilt home has been unclaimed, and none look quite as they did in their original conception.

Player Houses

Any house structure created by players may be described in these subsections.

Griffin's House

GriffinVaro's home started as one of a Pre-built Home built by Draccy in 2010. It was one of the first of its kind. Griffin expanded upon it over the course of several years after claiming it.

Waterfall Home

In the Northern part of Central City, a Pre-built Home is carved into the stone cliffside under an artificial waterfall. It featured the first incorporated iron double doors with redstone circuitry. As time went on, the iron door mechanism had to be updated for changes to how redstone power worked, rendering the more intricate mechanism obsolete.

Until recently, the home was abandoned and ruinified. It has been claimed by a Moderator and is undergoing refurbishment.


Some structures, particularly those around the Central region, bear historical significant and are often as old as half a decade. These are (somewhat) preserved and documented as important historical areas of Draccyserv.


Somewhere on the old Northeast Road, the remains of a hand-made Volcano can be found. It is composed mostly of stone and gravel, and was built by Draccy in late 2010. The lava blocks used for the corona had to be hacked into the inventory as buckets were not yet available. The Grand Route carved through this volcano in 2011.


After the introduction of Redstone, Draccy constructed the largest redstone clock he could manage. The monstrosity is composed mostly of glass, with redstone torches creating a very, very large sequential string of nodes. A full cycle of the circuit takes approximately 10 seconds. It is still functional, and can be found on the remains of the old Northeast Road.

Rocket Roller Coaster

The roller coaster was created by hand by Draccy in mid 2011. The structure was designed to support the Minecart physics of the time, with no easy means of pushing a cart up the starting ramp. Early revisions added support for MinecartMania, and eventually conventional powered rails were incorporated. Visitors to the ruined Boardwalk area will be able to ride the coaster, as it is still fully functional thanks to modernization over the past few years.

Duplicates of this roller coaster have been copied into other areas of the map in an attempt to make the coaster more accessible.

In late 2015, a version of the coaster existed in Central City. The poly/torch count proved to be too much for some players, and it was removed to reduce lag for visitors of Central City.

Dragon Head

Connect Four

1st McLevel's


The Grand Route

In 2011, a 4-block-wide smooth stone road was created by hand by Draccy and some volunteers. It traveled East to West (believed to be North/South in 2011) and served as a redundant passageway to the corresponding pair of roads. A railway associated with MinecartMania was set up on this mostly bridge-like roadway. The road is now a ruin with most of it totally destroyed. Sections of smooth stone road can be found, mostly cut off from active routes.


Constructed in early 2011, the sandy Boardwalk (West of Central City) was an early attempt at a commercial space for players to set up shops. At the time of its creation, no mod or mechanism existed for automation of player shops. Some players resorted to leaving signs near chests with instructions on how to leave gold and take items (a "good faith" model).

Interest was not strong for this place, which was not near the spawn area (then Brickhaus) and served no obvious purpose other than some "pretend" commerce.

The boardwalk is the site of the original Roller Coaster.