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Administrators are tasked with managing the most important parts of the server.

Called "Admins" for short, this team of overseers share responsibility for the management and design of every aspect of Draccyserv.


  • Observe and report on server performance (or adjust it if possible)
  • Plan and implement features on the server (dungeons, quests, extra abilities, etc)
  • Manage map features, regions, towns, quests, etc.
  • Maintain public structures as needed
  • Edit and manage command blocks (and related server features)
  • Promote, kick, or ban a player
  • Update news on the website


Admins work together to design and develop the server map. Through careful planning and discussion, the future of the server is shaped by this team. When a new feature or policy is ready to be executed, Admins act on the plans in a collaborative effort between Admins and Mods to put everything in motion.

Admins create the lore of the RPG elements on the server. They design the developed part of the world map, and ensure that there's always a good balance between pre-determined designs and free-to-build map space. Read more about this in the server map explanation.


Every Region has a single Admin who will be chiefly responsible for its upkeep. This Admin also takes care of the town/province design, NPC management, and everything else that happens inside that region.

Other Admins will typically add their own supportive contributions to each region as needed, but we try to give final authority to the lead Admin for a region when it comes to things like design, lore, and so-on.

NOTE: Presently there are not enough Admins to manage every region.

List of Admins